• Does lumber have normal and expectable features?

    There are three main natural characteristics of wood you may notice:

    • Checking: This is a small crack that can occur in the boards, rails or post, and is not to be considered defective.
    • Shrinking: All wood can be expected to shrink, most common fence boards may shrink as much as 1/2 inch each. Shrinking is not defective.
    • Warping: This is a natural process of wood. It is impossible to foretell which piece of lumber may warp. Warping is not defective.

  • Do I have to be home during fence construction?

    Feel free to follow your normal routines during the installation of your fence. The majority of the fences we build are done with no one home. Our crews are very trustworthy and work proficiently at their trade. We prohibit them from deviating from their written instructions unless authorized to do so by a representative of the company. All of your communication should go back through the salesperson. Save your vacation time for a better use than to watch us work.

  • Does Marshall Fence find property pins and put the fence on the property line?

    You asked the most common question. We do not locate property pins. We will put the fence back where it was originally located, unless specifically instructed by you to move the fence to a different location. If you are concerned about the property pins you will need to have a survey done. With exception to having a plot plan we will attempt to locate property pins.

  • Does the fence crew dig out all of the old post and concrete?

    You will find that it is standard within the industry to cut off the line posts just below the grade. This eliminates wash out holes under your fence and doesn't hamper proper fence installation. We do dig out the terminal, end, and gate posts that are going back in the same location. For an additional charge we will dig out the line post concrete.

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